There’s so much around us 
We stand next to the gods 
Where flowers become lizards 
And where did it all go? 
the thoughts that I forgot… 
They live in our confused dreams 
A confusion that talks to us 
dreams that can’t be seen 
distorted through the glass 
What’s obscure will be clear 
The mind will forget the fear 

And the God that is out there 
Is nothing but our belief 
there’s a voice inside of you 
just tell me what i need 
Is this all that we know? 
When I dream to fall apart 
Is my mind talking to me 
two faced, mind and brain 
walking the same street 
All that is will be whole 
Don’t forget your world 

We stand next to the gods 

Is my mind talking to me? 
I can't stand how scared I am...

You couldn't sleep 
you couldn't stop 
thinking of who we are 

Where did it all go?