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June last year (2019), I had a dear friend over. While talking, he suddenly says: ‘also, I was thinking to look into the zero waste movement’. Those words were like electricity that tingled my brain. I remember that moment as if my eyes opened a bit more, just like when you see something that surprises you. From that day, I started looking into how to get rid as much as possible of plastic or unnecessary things. As the typical millennial, I enter a rabbit hole of videos about the topic. On 5th June 2019, I watch a TEDx by Lindsay Miles, ‘The non-disposable life’. She says: “The plastic we use today will outlive us.. it’s strong and it’s lightweight, it floats, it blows in the wind, it gets into the environment.. it entangles wildlife”. The last two words fill my heart with pain. I stop the video, I pick up the guitar, and a new song poured out in just 10 minutes.